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Bino Smith

Tane Mahuta Grieving A3

Tane Mahuta Grieving A3

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Tāne Mahuta, the Māori god of forests and birds, mourns the devastation of his realm through deforestation, intensification of farming, and climate change. Once, his mighty forests stood as bastions of biodiversity, home to countless species and the lungs of the Earth. Now, they shrink under the shadow of human greed and short-sightedness. Tāne Mahuta's grief speaks to the heart of environmental stewardship, a plea for the protection and regeneration of the natural world. His sorrow is a clarion call to humanity, emphasizing the urgent need for sustainable practices that honor and preserve the intricate web of life sustained by forests.

High Resolution and Enlarged to 8192x8192 Pixels

Size: A3 (297mm-420mm) Black Frame on High quality 260gsm Gloss Paper

***PLEASE NOTE***These prints are LIMITED EDITION of 25 ONLY***

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