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Bino Smith

Rangi and Papatūānuku A4

Rangi and Papatūānuku A4

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Ranginui, the Sky Father, and Papatūānuku, the Earth Mother, share an eternal love, a bond so profound that their separation by their son Tāne Mahuta marks a moment of immense sorrow and longing in Māori mythology. Their love story is the genesis of the natural world, with Ranginui's tears for Papatūānuku becoming rain nourishing the earth, and Papatūānuku's sighs for Ranginui lifting as mist to the heavens. This separation, while painful, gave birth to the world as we know it, symbolizing the powerful interdependence of sky and earth, and the enduring love that sustains the balance of nature.

High Resolution and Enlarged to 8192x8192 Pixels

Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm) Black Frame on High quality 260gsm Gloss Paper

***PLEASE NOTE***These prints are LIMITED EDITION of 25 ONLY***

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