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Bino Smith

Papatūānuku Grieving A4

Papatūānuku Grieving A4

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Papatūānuku, the Earth Mother in Māori mythology, weeps for her planet, heartbroken by the scars of destruction and the relentless advance of climate change. Once vibrant landscapes now bear the wounds of exploitation, her rivers and skies choked by the byproducts of human neglect. Her grief is a poignant reminder of the dissonance between Indigenous Cultures wisdom and modern practices, urging a return to harmony with nature. As ecosystems falter and species vanish, Papatūānuku's sorrow calls to us, a plea for urgent action to heal the breaches we've created, embodying the need for guardianship and care to restore balance and ensure the Earth's future.

High Resolution and Enlarged to 8192x8192 Pixels

Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm) Black Frame on High quality 260gsm Gloss Paper

***PLEASE NOTE***These prints are LIMITED EDITION of 25 ONLY***


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