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The Himalayan Leaky Foundation

The Himalayan Leaky Foundation (HLF) is a non-profit organisation founded by Clare McCall and Rabindra Tamang in 2017 in the memory of Clare’s beloved father John McCall. The goal is to bring real change directly to the people who are in the most need.

Bino first visited Nepal with his partner Clare in 2016 and while there he fell in love with the place and the people. Bino is a successful artist and draws inspiration from his strong indigenous Maori heritage and the values his culture upholds, and the Maori way of seeing the world (holistically). This has created a close connection for Bino to the indigenous Nepali and he works closely with Clare and Rabindra to support their efforts for change in Nepal. Bino can relate to the struggles of others, as a founding member of the Dunedin Mongrel Mob he has seen a lot of the suffering his people have been through, and continue to experience, and he now works to inspire others to value their worth and achieve success.

Visit their website here.